Asia Pacific Research Association
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The Asia-pacific Association of Scientific Research (APASR) is a comprehensive scientific research platform for researchers in the Asia-Pacific region. It is jointly initiated by the Singapore Nan Yang Academy of Sciences, the International Academician Association, the Malaysia Innoscience Research Institute, the U.S. Enpress Publishing, the Singapore Whioce Publishing, the Australia Bio-Byword Scientific Publishing, the Singapore Frontier Scientific Publishing, Zhongkewentu Publishing Technology Research Institute, Beijing Chuncheng Education Publications Research Center, and the Asia-Pacific Science Citation Index (APSCI), and established under the approval of the Asia-Pacific Science Center, a research institute registered in Singapore government...

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    Asia Pacific Science Association Research Association Academician team
    Chairman Cheng Sun
    Tor Dahl
    Ziyuan Ouyang
    Xingfu Yang
    Guangnan Ni
    Yulong Yin
    Qian Lian
    Hongxin Wu
    Tingyun Kuang
    Lijian Zhang
    Xiaoyong Huang

    To apply for membership of the Association, the following requirements must be met:

    (1) To uphold the constitution of the Association;

    (2) Having the will to join the Association;

    (3) To have a certain influence in the business field of the Association;

    (4) Enthusiastically support the activities of the Association.

    Procedures for Membership:

    (1) To submit an application for membership;

    (2) The secretariat shall verify the requirements of the applicant or the application body and write the recommendation letters according to the types of members;

    (3) The recommendation letter of the secretariat shall be served on the Standing Committee and shall be deliberated and approved by the Standing Committee or the Standing Committee;

    (4) Membership cards will be issued by the Institute Secretariat.

    Steps for submitting membership Application Form:

    (1) To print the membership application form and check the management rules;

    (2) Please fill in the application form carefully and in detail;

    (3) Complete the application form and send it together with two personal registration photos and the important academic research results to the Association;

    (4) Notify the membership result in a letter;

    (5) The approved participants need to pay the first year membership fee of 200 yuan;

    Membership cards will be issued after membership dues are paid.

    Members enjoy the following rights:

    (1) Enjoy the right to vote, stand for election and vote of the Association.

    (2) Enjoy the right to criticize and suggest and supervise the work of the Association.

    (3) Give priority to participate in academic activities organized and held by the Association, and give priority to be selected to attend relevant international academic conferences.

    (4) Give priority to publishing papers in academic journals sponsored by SAEFI, and have priority to obtain saEFI academic materials.

    (5) Membership is voluntary and withdrawal is free.

    Obligations of members:

    (1) Abide by the constitution of the Association.

    (2) To carry out the resolutions and decisions of the Association and complete the tasks entrusted by the Association and its branch.

    (3) To participate in relevant public welfare activities organized by the Society.

    (4) Regular payment of membership dues.

    (5) To make voluntary donations for the development of the society, or to collect funds entrusted according to law.

    (6) To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Association.


    Note: The member shall notify the issuing unit in writing and return the membership certificate. Failure to pay membership dues or participate in activities of the Association for one year will be regarded as automatic withdrawal and the membership certificate will be withdrawn. In case of any other serious violation of the rules of the Association, the membership certificate or letter of appointment shall be removed after discussion and approval by the relevant organization of the Association, and the membership certificate or letter of appointment shall be recovered. If the member fails to pay the membership fee for more than one year, the membership will be regarded as an automatic withdrawal.

    In case of any serious violation of the articles of association, the member shall be removed by a vote of the Council or the standing Council.

    Consultant: Professor Tor Dahl (founder of international productivity theory, Nobel Prize winner)

    President: sun Cheng (Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of academicians)

    Vice President: Wang Yutao (president of Nanyang Academy of Sciences)

                             Cai Qiang, director of Asia Pacific Scientific Research Center

                             He Xiuhua, President of Frontier Science Press, Singapore

                             He Zhengchuan, President of Enberg Science Press

                             Li Xiaofan, President of inor Institute of Sciences, Malaysia

                             Guo Feng (president of Australia Baitu Publishing House)

                             Li Yingfeng (Chairman of Beijing Guodian Heritage Foundation)

                             Peng Jinghong (Beijing Chuncheng Education Publication Research Center)

                             Members of the academic department: all academicians of the first standing council unit of the International Federation of academicians

                             Secretary General: Cai Qiang

                             Deputy Secretary General: Chen Zhen, Tao Shiyu, Li Dong, Chen Xingju