Field of Specialization:   Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Biotechnology: extraction, fractionation, purification, analysis and identification of essential oil volatile compounds; polyphenols; essential oil; antimicrobial; antioxidant; bioprospection; bioindustrial applications. Total lipids extraction, separation of glycerolipids, fatty acids and their changes during coriander fruits maturation. Purification of some natural bioactive molecules.

Research team

  • Tammar Sonia

    Ph.D student, Laboratoire de Physiologie Moléculaire des Plantes, Centre de Biotechnologie, Technopole Borj Cédria

  • Jouda Mediouni Ben Jemaa

    Professor, Laboratoire de Biotechnogie Appliquée à l’Agriculture, National Institute of Agronomic Research of Tunisia·

  • Iness Bettaieb Rebey

    Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Centre de Biotechnologie, Technopole Borj Cédria

  • Snoussi Mejdi

    Associate Professor, Biology, Faculty of Sciences Hai'il University

  • Thierry Talou

    Senior Researcher, Laboratoire de Chimie Agro-industrielle , Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse